The Impossible God

Just a few of the logical absurdities of the square triangular god of the incoherent christian bible.

Faith’s Failure: blind is better?

P1: Jesus considered those who believe with less confirmatory evidence more blessed that those who believed with more evidence. (John 20:19-31)
P2: Falsehoods are more likely to have less confirmatory evidence at their disposal than have truths.
P3: Those who believe with less confirmatory evidence are more likely to believe falsehoods.
CONCLUSION: Jesus considered those who are more likely to believe falsehoods more blessed. (P1 – P3)

The notion of faith is absurd.


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3 Responses

  1. garrett says:

    this is awesome. I don’t think that’s the kind of faith Jesus was talking about but that’s the way tons of Christian’s believe. I am a liberal Christian and believe parts of the Bible were inspired but I think the writers of the bible didn’t get it exactly perfect. They couldn’t have, it doesn’t make sense. A just god who damns people to hell for all eternity because of the way he made them? Come on.

    • Thanks for commenting, Garrett.

      What kind of faith was Jesus promoting when he blessed those who believed without seeing, while not blessing those who believed only after seeing the evidence?

      Cheers, Phil

  2. John Cross says:

    Phil, I could not agree with you more on the absurdity of faith. I have written at length about this, as I maintain a blog entitled “The Mystical Voice.” On it, I write about the fraudulence of faith since we only have “faith,” or “believe” when we do not know. Therefore, faith is a direct product of ignorance. Isn’t it amazing God would condemn Adam and Eve for eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge? That God would condemn humanity for actually inquiring rather than taking things on blind faith? By this logic, Christians and their god promote ignorance over knowledge since “blessed are those who have not seen, yet have believed.” Translation – better are those who take the word of others without evidence than those who demand evidence to keep from lying to themselves about reality. It is hope, fear, and ignorance which is the “unholy trinity” that makes faith possible. Without enslavement to our egotistical hopes and fears, and ignorance of what is, faith would not exist. Faith has one purpose for its existence – to validate our egos. Period. So what is Christian belief all about? Me.

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If the biblical god is logically incoherent as this site argues, we can stop there. Enough of the silly games Christians play by diverting attention away from Jehovah's inherent absurdities and towards issues such as an incomplete evolutionary theory as if that will somehow redeem an incoherent Jehovah.

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