The Impossible God

Just a few of the logical absurdities of the square triangular god of the incoherent christian bible.

Divine Innumeracy: 1 = billions?

P1: The penalty for Adam’s sin is Adam’s eternal damnation.
P2: Adam’s punishment for his sin could be paid for only by a sinless redeemer.
P3: Christ was sinless until he redeemed Adam by taking on Adam’s sin.
P4: Christ, having taken on Adam’s sin, is no longer a candidate sinless redeemer.
P5: Christ could not have paid for the sins of more than one human. (P1, P2, P3 & P4)
P6: There are billions of sinners in the world needing a sinless redeemer.
CONCLUSION: Christ did not pay for the sins of the whole world. (P5 & P6)

Christ had to die a human death to redeem humans. But Christ had only one human death to offer. And how could he have been resurrected after 3 days if the wages of the sins of those he came to redeem is a death longer than 3 days? Absurd.


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Divine Innumeracy: 3 days = eternity?

P1: A just god does not allow unjust suffering.
P2: Jehovah is a just god.
P3: Jehovah’s penalty for sinning entails suffering eternal damnation.
P4: Jehovah’s just penalty for sinning entails suffering eternal damnation. (P1 – P3)
P5: Christ was made human to redeemed sinners by paying the just penalty for sinning.
P6: Christ experienced, at most, 3 days of damnation.
P7: 3 days of damnation is less than the just eternal damnation sinners must suffer.
P8: Christ did not pay the just penalty for sinning. (P5 – P7)
CONCLUSION: Christ did not redeem sinners. (P4 & P8)

It’s tiring to hear all the various incoherent reasons offered for the arbitrary 3 days of Christ’s death, a pseudo-substitution for the sinner which falls far short of any coherent definition of the “wages of sin”.

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Your Golden Square Triangle

This site does not waste time debating Christians over the logical possibility of miracles, the nature of the singularity, or the historicity of Jesus. If you argue that the square triangle in your pocket is made of gold, and produce genuine gold flakes as evidence, we still know with absolute certainty that you do not have a golden square triangle in your pocket.

If the biblical god is logically incoherent as this site argues, we can stop there. Enough of the silly games Christians play by diverting attention away from Jehovah's inherent absurdities and towards issues such as an incomplete evolutionary theory as if that will somehow redeem an incoherent Jehovah.

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